NGG Real Estate provides full service commercial services to Wisconsin with 30 licensed real estate professionals based in Madison, WI.

Thomas Gialamas,

Experienced Since 1990

Direct Line: 608.828.8800
[email protected]

Daniel Holvick

Daniel Holvick,
Partner / Managing Broker

Experienced Since 1994

Direct Line: 608.828.8803
[email protected]

Michael Brusca

Michael Brusca,
Senior Broker

Experienced Since 1989

Direct Line: 608.828.8810
[email protected]

Larry Keleher

Larry Keleher,
Property Manager

Experienced Since 1988

Direct Line: 608.828.8806
[email protected]

Raquel Trainor- Bosse,
Marketing Coordinator/ Broker’s Assistant

Experienced Since 2014

Direct Line: 608.828.8819
[email protected]